- Beauty Diet Makeover -

- Program Length -



30 days


- Program Includes -

Bespoke prescription of beauty foods and recipes after a complete audit and analysis. All programs are altered depending on your weight goal, either loosing, gaining or maintaining weight.

Health Assessment 

Nutritional Deficiencies Assessment 

Analysis of skin Type and condition

 Bespoke guide for a skin care routine 

 -  Program Description -

A program that is designed to assess your health and skin problems. A personalized dietary journey with the help of the right topical skin care needed, will lead you on a lifestyle that will give you glowing skin, strong healthy nails, shiny hair and youthful vibrance.

A journey that will enable slow, but permanent changes. 

 - Client Contact Time -

We recommend no less than 45-60 minutes coaching time per week (via personal meeting, phone or Facetime) which can be weekly or split into 20-30 min slots twice a week. Unlimited support for 30 days via email or WhatsApp. 

- Skin & Wellness Assessment -

First meeting we will discuss your skin and health concern. And explain the different Beauty Formulas available.


2000 EGP


It'a a 360 approach for skin health 

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